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What`s up this week? 


May 8-12 Cafe/Daily 5: Poetry analysis using "My Poetry Code" and review Poetry elements. Students will analyze "Stomachache", "My teacher ate my Homework", and "Casey at the Bat." Figurative language review of Hyperboles, alliteration, idioms, and onomatopoeia is our focus for word work along with Unit 22 spelling and poety vocabulary.  Our work on writing skills will include writing Bio poems, cinquains, and quatrains. Math- Students will explore measurement wiht multiplication using length, weight, capacity, and time to create conversions and solve word problems.  A Baseball Math review of standards will be our Math focus on Friday. Math rounds will continue and are due May 19. Science studies will include Arianna's Mysteries of Nutrition to identify nutrients and how they help the body grow and survive. Students will also view a Magic school Bus plays Ball  video about foces and Motion. 

May 1-5 Cafe/Daily 5: We are wrapping up our Greek Mythology allusion study and moving into Poetry analysis. Students will identify the similarities/differences of Poetry, Prose, and Drama.  We will create a chart of what poetry is and what we notice about the elements of poetry.  We will also identify the structural elements in example poems. The class will review similles and metaphors. Spelling Unit 21 words and poetry vocabulary are the focus for word work. Figurative Language task cards and poetry reading games will help enforce the lessons.  Math: Geometry continues wiht complimentary and supplementary angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and symmetry.  Math rounds of Lines and Angles, Mixed #/Improper fraction review, quadrilateral wanted posters, rockin' geometry review, and turn it up with decimals/geometry shapes will be used.  Social Studies- Students will finish the changing economy study, learn about spending, saving, and taxes, and Government services in our country and NC.

Apr. 24- 28

Cafe/Daily 5: Greek Mythology and Allusions- Pandora's Box and Tale of 2 Spinners; Echo & Narcissistic, Herculean Strength, Medusa, and review of Allusions with Jeopardy will be our focus for the week. Spelling Unit 20 patterns and Mythology vocab for Word Work, and creating Mythology trading cards of a god, goddess, or creature are the Daily 5 rounds.  Math Geometry  skills of Measuring angles and unit angles, adding & subtracting measure angles, and focusing on complimentary and supplementary angles are the unit of study for the week.  Reading and Math Benchmarks on Study Island are due by the end of the week. Social Studies- Economic choices: We are learnign about resources and wants, choice and costs, and how our economy changes. Superhero day Friday!


Apr. 17- 21

Cafe/Daily 5: Greek Mythology and Allusions- introduction to Mythology, Allusions, and the county of Greece; Our allusions will focus with stories about the Midas Touch, Herculean Strength, Achilles Heel, the Trojan Horse, the Odyssey and Pandora's Box.  Rounds will include Mythology mini books to summarize,  partner plays, task cards, Greek Mythology trading cards, and Spelling Unit 19 and Greek mythology vocabulary words products. Math- The class will be learning about Money amounts and solve money word problems.  We will also begin our Geometry unit with identifying, drawing, and measuring lines and angles.  Students will work with perpendicular and parallel lines and use a circular protractor to understand a 1 degree angle of a circle. Math rounds of Eggs in a Basket- multiplying fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Math Peeps- Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions, and Easter Word Problems.  Social Studies- World War I, the Great Depression, The New Deal, and World War II studies will finish our focus on NC History.  Our next unit is NC Economy with learning about Resources/Wants and Choices/Costs.

Apr. 3-7

Cafe/Daily 5: Lighthouse Research Publications are due this Friday! Most kiddos are already done!! We have been working on our Multi-media presentations of a Magazine Cover or Movie Maker.  Students will learn how to stand in front of an audience to present their models and multi-media presentations.  We are focusing on Theme! Students will learn about common theme topics and statements found in literature. We will use "Aesop's Fables", Strega Nona, and The Elephant that liked to smash cars. Students will create a foldable, determine the difference between Theme and Main Idea, and identify theme based upon pictures and word clues.  In Daily 5 rounds, we are learning "The Science of Peeps" and Editing Easter sentences.  Our Jellybean and How to dye Easter eggs passages are also being finished up.  For Math, our adventure with Decimals continues with comparing, ordering, applying fraction equivalence to add tenths and hundredths, and adding decimals.  We have a Decimal quiz on Friday! Math rounds are Eggs in a Basket: multiplying fractions, Math Peeps- mixed numbers and improper fractions, Easter word problems, and Multiplication/Division practice! In Social Studies, we are learning about Transportation, communication, the automobile, and First in Flight. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful break!!

Mar. 27-31

Cafe/Daily 5: All rough drafts are completed and we are working on Editing and Revising them prior to typing our Publication and Bibliography. Students will also choose which multi-media presentation they would like to create over the next 2 weeks to present with their models on April 6 and 7th. Students will work on text evidence with Informational Texts in small groups. All Basketball Daily 5 rounds will be due no later than Wednesday.  New Daily 5 rouonds beginning Tuesday will be Read to Self- Jelly Beans, A Sweet Treat comprehension; Read to Someone- Procedural Text of How to Dye Easter Eggs; Word Work- Spelling Unit 18 and Critical Verbs Vocabulary; Work on Writing- Publication of Lighthouse papers. Math- Decimals! Students will work on Fractions, Decimals, and Mixed Numbers represented on a Number Line. We are learning how to model equivalence of tenths and hundredths. We will write numbers in expanded fraction & decimal form and compare decimals. Previous Math rounds are due no later than Wednesday! New Math rounds due prior to Spring Break are Eggs in a Basket, Equivalent Fraction Hunt, and Math Peeps. All are reviewing fraction concepts. Social Studies- NC participation in the Civil War and Reconstruction.


Mar. 20-24

Cafe/Daily 5: Students are finishing up their research and are beginning their rough drafts of their lighthouse information.  We will discuss sentence variety, writing a conclusion, bibliography, and rough drafts are due Friday. We are reading Salt in his Shoes and will review reading comprehension strategies. Daily 5 rounds will include Slam Dunk structure, Main Idea Basketball Court, and March Madness editing passage.  Some students still owe their Mom/Dad for President writing. Math: Students will learn to create and analyze line plots with and without fractions.  Students will also learn how to read/write decimals and ffractions, use a number line with mixed numbers, fractions, and decimals. Friday we are using fractions, decimals, and percents with Basketball Math.  Social Studies- Students will continue their study the Underground Railroad and Indian Removal and be able to compare and contrast the two events in NC History.


Mar. 13-17

Cafe/Daily 5- The research saga continues! We will finish up Plagiarism and discuss proper note-taking strategies.  We are using the picture book Just the Facts  to guide the class in our research and writing process.  Students will have time to research their lighthouse and record the information on notecards.  We will also utilize the rubric in guiding our outline for our written product.  Students will learn how to properly introduce a research paper with writing hooks and begin the body paragraphs using topic sentences.  Daily 5 rounds will include Inforamtional passages about St. Patrick's Day.  Work Work will practice explaining meanings of Idioms. Publicaiton of Mom/Dad for President and research practice are due ASAP.  Math: Fractions- We are adding and subtracting Mixed Numbers, multipying fractions by a whole number, and multiplying a mixed number by a whole number.  Students need to continue to practice their multiplication and division facts for support in these concepts!! We will quiz these concepts Friday and create a Leprechaun line plot using measurement, fractions, and analyze the data. Math rounds are Lucky Word Problems, Shamrock Area and Perimeter, St. Patty's Numbers and Operations of multiplying and dividing larger numbers, and Luck of the Irish comparing Fractions/Fraction War. Social Studies- We are learning about Early Statehood of NC, Slavery and Indian Removal in NC, and St. Patrick's Day/Irish Immigrants/ Emerald Isle, NC. We begin our new flex groups this week! Students will be regrouped based upon needs and strengths for remediation or enrichment in the areas of Theme, Figurative Language, Inferencing/Drawing Conclusions, Line Plots, Ordering Fractions with Number Lines, and Vocabulary Enrichment. Have a great week!


Mar. 6-10

Cafe/Daily 5- Research! The class will begin our research study with reviewing the Big 6, what research is, and why it's important.  For practice, we will have a basic topic of choice to research.  We will also focus on evaluating resources and deciding if it is credible.  Primary and secondary resources and plagiarism will also be discussed and identified.  Daily 5 will include a Study Island assignment on research; Read to Someone will be a Primary/Secondary Scoot; Work on Writing will be publishing our Mom/Dad for President and practice the research topic. Word Work will be Unit 15 Spelling and 2 more vocabulary products with our research terms.  Math: We will be adding and subtracting fractions, add and multiply unit fractions, and Math station review of Improper Fractions/ Mixed Numbers, Equivalent Fractions and SImplest Form, and Comparing Fractions.  Students will be able to decomposed mixed numbers and improper fractions with multiplication.  Then, we will work on comparing mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Math rounds of President's Day multiplication, President's Day True/False, Fractions on a Number line, and Seuss Fractions are due no later than Friday! Social Studies- We are learning about Early Explorers and their impact on NC.  Students will also study the mystery of the Roanoke Lost Colony.  

Feb. 27- Mar. 3

Cafe/Daily 5- We are finishing the Holes novel! We will use a connected graphic organizer to make connections between characters within the story that pulls everything together.  All Holes products from the chapters will be due NO LATER than this Friday! If your child has an empty space on their interim report from any Holes activities, they need to get it done.  We will compare the novel with the movie this week and create an AVID one pager to display our learning from the book.  We will also have fun with Dr. Seuss stories and trivia game about his life.  Daily 5 products include a biography about Dr. Seuss, Rock passages and comprehension quesitons, Spelling/Vocab practice, and publishing our Mom/Dad for President writings.  (Some students still owe me their Little Red Riding Hood!!) Math- We continue our study of comparing fractions and will begin adding/ subtracting fractions.  We will practice with fractions that have like or related denominators and work our way into adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  Strategies of using number lines and/ number bonds and determining greatest common factors and simplest form will be used in solving our problems.  All Math rounds are due this Friday!!  Science- wrap up of Rocks and Minerals with finalizing our products from the lessons, completing a study guide, and testing this coming Thursday on the Unit.

Please check our class calendar for school wide daily Dr. Seuss events. Buddies come to our room Monday for us to read to them and create a Cat in Hat craft! Ms. Jones will work with us on Wednesday for a lesson about Critical Verbs. We have our last NC Landmark Library lesson with Ms. Reinke on Friday, and we also have Ms. Stiffler's Guidance lesson that day!

Have a Seuss-tastic week!!


Feb. 20-24

Cafe/Daily 5: We are so close to finishing Holes! The kids are loving it, and we are having great discussions with it! Our lesson focus this week include Character Anaylsis of Zero;  Summary using The Jist of only 20 words with Somebody, Wanted, But, So., Then template;  answering short answer questions with text evidence from the chapters; cause and effect; and text connections.  Daily 5 rounds will include Unit 13 spelling lists and Holes vocab continued from last week for Word Work. In Writing, we plan our Mom/Dad for President wriiting to form complete paragraphs in our Rough Draft. Read to Someone will include Mineral passages.  In Math, our Fraction study continues with Equivalent Fractions and an assessment on Tuesday.  We will move into Comparing Fractions that are less and greater than 1 using number lines and equivalent fractions.  Common numerators and related demonimators will also be introduced with comparing and ordering fractions.  Science will include a Study Jam video on the Rock cycle and students creating trivia questions about rocks and the rock cycle.  Students will play the rock cycle trivia and use Starbursts for a rock demonstation! Fun Stuff! 


Feb. 13-17

Cafe/Daily 5: Holes Novel study discussing conflict, theme, and flashbacks. Unit 12 Spelling and vocab words for Word Work. In writing, we are brainstorming in a graphic organizer of our Mom or Dad for President Writing. Math- Using an area model & division to show the equivalent fraction in simplest form and 2 equivalent fractions. Science- Rock study of 3 types of rocks creating an interactive flipbook and mineral quiz. Symphony Field Trip is Tuesday, and our Valentine exchange/box contest that day too.  Thursday we have PBIS celebration with 100% participation this time! Proud of you kiddos!


Feb. 6-10: Cafe/Daily 5: Holes Novel study continues...the kids are loving it so far! Our skills this week are Retelling Plot,  Symboliism, Making Predictions, and Questioning.  Daily 5 rounds will include a February reading passage, Finish context clues, continue Spelling Unit 11 and vocab, finish Boggle, and Narrative writings. In Writing, we will finish our  focus on 'intersting" and using thesaurus to develop our stories. Math: Fractions! Our study will be using tape diagrams to decompose a non unit fraction into a whole number multiplied by a unit fraction, decompose a fraction into sums of smaller unit fractions, and use area models to find equivalent fractions. Math rounds will continue from last week, but we are adding Love Factors, Heart Division, and Finish up NFL Number Sense Ticket. Science: Our Mineral study will conitnue with understanding the properties, and we will begin learing about Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary rocks.

Jan 30- Feb 3: Cafe/Daily 5 Holes Novel Study Ch 1-7: We are focusing on Character analysis, Setting, Flashbacks, Sequence of Events, and vocabulary.  Daily 5 rounds will include Super Bowl Sunday Reading Comprehension, Context Clues Detectives, Boggle, and Narrative Writings. Math: 2 digit by 2 digit mulitiplication with area models, partial products, and unit models.  Math rounds include Pattern Math readers with practice, NFL factors and multiples, Valentine Place Value, and Football Word Problems. Science- What is matter? Minerals properties and Moh's Scale.

Jan 23- 26: Teacher Workdays Monday and Tuesday! Cafe/Daily 5- ELA Mid year benchmark to assess growth. Finish Text Structure study. Rounds will work on comprehension with January passages, using context clues, boggle- build a word, vocab for Holes, Spelling Inventory, and writing a narrative of a time you were happy.  Math- Mid-Year benchmarks to assess growth. Finish long division with area models and number bonds.  Math rounds will include finishing January budget, Independent reading texts about patterns, Valentine Place value, and Football Math word problems. Science- FInish Magnetism.

Jan. 16-20:

Cafe/Daily 5- Text Structure study of Description, Compare/Contrast, Cause/Effect, Chronological order/Sequence, and Problem Solution using various strategies and non- fiction texts. Daily 5 rounds needs to be completed by Friday and for early finishers, practice on Reading Express, Education City, and Study Island will occur.  We are editing and revising our Little Red Riding Hood POV stories to publish.  Also, students will work on a text structure writing practice.  No Spelling words this week! We are introducing our Holes novel vocab. In Math, we are dividing larger numbers using place value disks, standard algorithm, and finding quotients with and without remainders with the larger dividends.  Math rounds are also due this Friday. The January budget activity is due at the end of the month.  In Science, we will finish static electricity and learn about magnetism properties with various experiements or demonstrations.


Jan. 9-13:

Cafe/Daily 5- Point of View strategies using How to Babysit a Grandpa, Red Riding Hood was so rotten., Cinderella is so annoying, and Believe me, Golldilocks Rocks! Daily 5 rounds include a Point of view flow chart practice, task cards, Education City assignment, Parts of speech review, and finishing our Little Red Riding Hood POV rough drafts.  In Math, we are focusing on finding factor pairs to define/classify prime/composite numbers, use the associative property to test for factors, determine if a whole number is a factor of another number, and exploring the properties of prime and composite numbers. In Science, we are working on Static Electricity.

Jan. 2-6: Happy New Year!

Cafe/Daily 5: Point of View with Flocabulary, The 3 little pigs, The True Story of the 3 little Pigs, The Wolf Who Cried Boy, Snow White was so Forgetful, and How to Babysit a Grandpa.. Daily 5 rounds with New Year Superstition article, POV task cards, Polar Bear Parts of Speech, Little Red Riding Hood POV story, and Brainpop of POV and New Years.  Math will continue with our study of long division with explaining remainders using models, using the standard algorithm, area models, and factors of prime and composite numbers. Math rounds include a January Budget, Snow Owl Prime and Composite sort, Geometric and Number patterns, Hot Chocolate Word Problems, and Multiplying Snowflakes word problems. Science- Get Wired with series and parallel circuits! Students will be able to create open and closed circuits using conductors and non-conductors. Students will learn about static electricity as well. 

Dec 12- 16

Cafe/Daily 5: Mood in Literature- Read Little Match Girl and Santa's New Jet. We also will look at text structure, publish our opinion writings, and finish daily 5 rounds dealing with Author's Purpose and Mood.  In Math, we are learning long division strategies with place value disks & decomposing a remiander in the tens.  All math rounds and daily 5 are due Wednesday. In Science, we will define terminology to help us understand various science terms such as potential and kinetic energy, conduction, radiation, etc to help answer a snow globe glyph. We also will use the Scientific Method with Candy Canes, Design and Build a system that will protect a Present from a 1 meter drop, and engineer lego systems in the lab to build schema for STEAM projects forthcoming.

Dec. 5- 9

Cafe/Daily 5: We are finishing Author's Purpose and learning about Mood/Tone in stories/ Music.  Questions we will discuss are "What is Mood?" " How does mood affect the text?" "Why is mood important/relate to Author's Purpose?" We will use songs, small passages, and poems.  Our Daily 5 rounds will include Mood Faces- identifying key words in passages, Emotions and Mood- Guess Who, and a Gingerbread Article. Our OREO writings will continue.  In Math, we are Connecting the Area Models of Partial Products to the Standard Algorithm of Multiplying Greater Numbers.  We are also moving into division. with remainders, area models, and place value disks. Math rounds will include Tacky Sweater multipliccation review, Holiday Word Problems, and Candy Cane Division. Science will focus on Electricity- key vocabulary, building series and parallel circuits and relating to holidays.

Nov. 28- Dec. 2

Cafe.Daily 5: Author's Purpose- We are getting PIE-ED with learning why Authors write.  Our reading selections will include "Christmas in Greece," I See Santa Everywhere, and Russell's Christmas Magic.. Our Daily 5 rounds will include differentiated AP sorts, parts of speech word work, and AP differentiated writing tasks.  Our new writing is OREO with an opinion writing of "whether to celebrate the Holiday Vacation in a cold, snowy location or a warm, tropical location.  Math continues with Multiplying Greater Numbers using place value disks with 2, 3, and 4 digits multiplied by 1 digit.  In NC History, we are drawing Indian villages from what we learned about Early People in each region.  Our Science for the week includes Presentations on Tuesday, Barn Hill Animal Adaptations Assembly, and Lego Mania with the Scientific Method, Legos, and the adaptions of Frogs in their Life Cycle.


Nov. 21-22

Cafe/Daily 5: We are reading Thank you Sarah  and completing a review packet of comprehension on Monday. Daily 5 rounds will be finished.  Also, students will be completing a Place Value Mash up on Study Island and working on their Math rounds. We will attempt to finish our balloon was interesting on Friday. :) Also, on Tuesday, we will work on a comprehension packet that is all about Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Students will also work on a Thanksgiving Mad lib and making words.  Earlier finishers will be able to complete a cool Thanksgiving webquest.  


Nov. 14-18

Cafe/Daily 5: Our book focus of the week is Balloons over Broadway to review Story elements, cause and effect, and comparing the 1st Macy's with the current parade, and STEAM with designing their own parade balloon.  We will focus on Close Reading using Text Based Evidence with non fiction selections about the month of November.  Our Daily 5 will encompass skills of comparing and contrasting, organizers & questioning, and context clues.  Math will begin with Multipllying greater numbers using patterns, arrays, area models, and place value disks.  Math rounds will continue with Turkey roll, multiplication and division practice, Tom Turkey perimeter, Thanksgiving dinner menu word problems, and turkey fractions. We will also use for our math lessons NC History will focus on Early People of the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont. On Friday, we are participating in an Onslow View with another school in our county of "Where in the World?"


Nov. 7-11

Cafe/Daily 5: Continue our study of Non-Fiction text features and how they help us understand/interpret the information. We will finish our Government study with "The Road to the White House" and Elections using a powerpoint, timeline and context clues.  We will also use mapping skills to map the inaugural route.  Government test will be Wednesday. The class will also read passages and work on a timeline of Veteran's Day.  Daily 5 will continue from last week and we will publish our Harris Burdick stories.  Math will finish up Basic Division review and Quiz.  Math rounds will include Turkey Fractions, Tom Turkey Perimeter Predicament, Roll a Turkey, Differentiated Thanksgiving Word Problems. 

Wednesday is our show!! Times are 9:30 and 1:30...come to which ever performance fits your schedule! Also, Thursday is Early Release!  Friday is Veteran's Day! No School for staff or students.

Oct. 31-Nov. 4:

Cafe/Daily 5: Non-fiction Text features- how can text features help us understand non-fiction? Government integration with ELA lessons. The class will discuss what government is and how it works, Presidential requirements, responsibilities, and terms of service, Government Buildings, and  How a bill becomes a law.  Daily 5 rounds will include Non- Fiction text features scoot, Text Features Scavenger Hunt with our NC History book, Fall Parts of Speech, and Finishing our stories. STEAM: Halloween Steam with Pumpkin Catapults or Candy Towers. Math: Meanings of Division, Relating Multiplication and Division, Special Quotients, and using Multiplication Facts to find Division facts.  Math rounds will conclude with Place Value Roll, Star Wars Multiplication, Break it down Fractions, and Pumpkin Multiplication Puzzles.  


Oct. 24-28 Red Ribbon Week!!

Cafe/Daily 5- Main Idea and Details: Using Frankie Stein, Boris and Bella, and Frankenstein: A Monstrous Parady. We will also work more on our Harris Burdick stories by focusing on ending our stories, adding actions to keep us interested, and editing/revising to publish our works.  We also will discuss the components of a friendly letter for our Kindergarten buddies.  Read to self will include a Halloween Main Idea & Detail sort, Read to Someone will consist of a story element map with a book of choice.  Word Work will focus on finishing our Halloween costume adjective WS and Fall Parts of Speech.  Our Guided Groups will work with "gross" passages to find text based evidence.  Math will continue wiht Multiplication of basic facts using properties. We will quiz multiplication and move into Division meanings and relating Mulitplication and division.  Math rounds will finish up Geometry Zombies, Break it down fractions, Rolling the dice place value, and multiplication Star Wars fill in and graphing.  North Carolina History- We will learn about the Mountain Region and complete a 3 region interactive flip book.  Our Heritage Day Field Trip will encompase NC History and Onslow County history! Let's have a great week!!



Oct. 17-21: Cafe/Daily 5- The commercial rivalry continues.  Students are working hard to be creative with events from the story to prepare a commercial about The Widow's Broom.. We began our study of Harris Burdick and the mystery of the pictures. We will make inferences and create our own mystery from the a picture of choice.  Rounds will include Setting the Scene, Halloween costume character traits, and using context clues.  Math- We will learn about ways to multiply, patterns for facts, multiplication properties, and 3 & 4 as factors.  Math rounds will continue from last week, but we are adding geometry zombies and "break it down" decomposing fractions.  NC History- Our study will include the 5 themes of Geography and begin learning about NC 3 regions beginning with the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont.


Oct. 10-14

Cafe/Daily 5- We will finish up our Widow's Broom study with "explaining the ending," What if questions, persuasive writing of "Save the Brooms" and creating a rivalry commercial.  Our Daily 5 rounds will finish up but will add settiing for Read to Self, Fall Parts of Speech for Word Work, and "Batter Up!" Sentence review in Work on Writing. In Math, we will continue the Math rounds of Rounding and Subtraction Review, Scoot Halloween Word Problems, How does your class measure up with non-standard measurements, and Mind Boggling Math.  Our focus will be Fractions! We will review what a fraction is, add and subtract fractions by joining and separating parts of the same whole, and decomposing/composing fractions. Science will finish up with erosion stations and landform interactive notes. 

Oct. 3-7

Cafe/Daily 5- We are continuing our study of Inferencing with the story The Widow's Broom.  We will work on reviewing character traits, personification, What if questions, "explaining the ending", and creating a rivalry commercial.  Daily 5 rounds will be Read to Someone of a Weathering and Erosion Comprehension, Work on Writing- What would you do with Minna's broom? free write. Read to Self with a Summary Graphic Organizer. Word Work will finish apple basket adjective/adverb sort; Listen to Reading- Storyl.ine Online and chomp into a good book story map. Math lessons will focus on addition and subtration algorithms, modeling with tape measures, and place value disks.  Our rounds will include "How does your class measure up?" Halloween Math Scoot, Strategy games, practice math facts, and Tech time. Science focus will include a discovery of landforms and application of Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition stations. We also will begin documenting our Moon Phases.


Sept. 26-30

Cafe/ Daily 5- Our reading strategies will be Making Inferences by using our background knowledge + text evidence and using the structure of Cause and Effect with the Chris Van Allsburg book The Stranger. We will begin our Daily 5 rotations. I will be working with Guided Groups using an "Autumn" article focusing on various strategies. Also, Word work will include Spelling and Vocabulary for the week and an Apple adjective and adverb sort. Read to Someone will include short passages to infer. Our Writing focus will be sentence structure and begin writing strong paragraphs. Read to self will be a Character analysis review of book of choice. Math will work with the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction of larger numbers. Students will also apply them to using "tape" diagrams and word problems. Math rounds will have Practice Math facts, Strategy games, Post it note perimeter, Back to School Word Problems, and a Wanted poster of a number. Science will focus on Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition.


Sept. 19-23

Cafe/ Daily 5- Using various Pirate themed books, we will summarize fiction texts. We also will continue to build our stamina with Read to Self and Read to Someone. Students will be introduced to how we practice vocabulary in Word Work.  Tumblebooks will be introduced in Listen to Reading. In Math, our number sense is growing with a pirate glyph, comparing and rounding numbers, and writing numbers from an equation into standard form.  Science- Our wrap up of the Gummy Bear scientific method experiment will happen this week with analyzing our data and conclusions.  Mustang Pride Celebration is Thursday!

Sept. 12-16

Cafe/Daily 5- We will continue to analyze characters, learn about setting and plot within various stories such as The Old Woman Who Named Things, The Little House, and a "For the BIrds" video.  Friday we will learn about the Constitution. In Daily 5, we are building our stamina with Read to Self and have a library lesson on Tuesday. Word Study will continue with parts of speech, and writing will focus on cursive practice & the 4 types of sentences. In Math, our focus continues with place value concepts of reading and writing numbers in the base 10 system up to the millions period. Math rounds will continue with learning what is expected in Strategy Games, Problem Solving, Promethean practice, and Working with Shapes and Sizes. In Science, we will practice using the scientific method with a Gummy Bear Experiment.

Sept. 6- 9

Cafe/Daily 5: The class will begin our study of story elements with Characters, Setting, and Plot. We will use the books The Juice Box Bully and Spaghetti in a Hot Dog bun. We wiill use text evidence to support our comprehension. In Word Work, we will review and study the parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  In Wiring, our focus will be sentence structure and the 4 types of sentences. For Daily 5, we are introducing the rounds of Read to Self, Word Work, and Work on Wiring. The class will discuss what those rotations will look like and sound like in the classroom to help our ELA time to run smoothly to allow teacher time working in small groups. In Math, we are studying Place value focusing on interpreting multiplication equations as comparisons, naming numbers in millions place, reading and writing numbers within the base 10 system.  Introduction of Math rounds with practice math facts, strategy games, and problem solving.  In Science, our study is into to Science safety and the Scientific Method. We havve a Guidance lesson on Wednesday and receive our 1:1 laptops on Friday!


Aug. 29-Sept. 2

Welcome to 4th Grade! We are going to have a great kick off week!!! Throughout the week we will be learning about our all important classroom procedures and routines.  We also will learn and practice our school and class PBIS rules and expectations. We will discuss our flexible seating rules and sign a contract about making good learning choices. Our class will also learn about each other and read lots of cool books like Decibella and My Mouth is a Volcano. We will refresh our math skills through various activities like "What's my Number?" "Give me a minute" and "Eliminate my number." Please check over your child's agenda nightly and talk about our day together! There is way more that we will do! Please sign your child's agenda daily as well! Any questions or concerns, please contact me!


August 25



Welcome Back Students! I am very excited to meet all of you and know our year will be great!

Parents! Please come out for our yearly packet of school information/paper work, pay school fees ($5- instructional, $1- art, and $25 computer fee…we are 1:1 this year!!! Very exciting!)

Information about buses, cafeteria, etc. will also be available!