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April 24-28th...  

This week we will be studying the following:

ELA-- Greek Mythology and Allusions 



We are celebrating Super Hero Day on April 28th--Please feel free to wear your favorite super hero attire!!! :) 

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March 27-March 31st...   

This week in class we will be working on the following:

ELA--Revising and Editing the rough draft of our Lighthouse Paper

Math--Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

Social Studies--NC and the Civil War 

The grading period ends on March 29th!! Report cards go home on April 5th!!! Performance folders go home this coming Monday!!! 

Have a great weekend!!! 

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March 20-24....  

This week in our class we will be learning about the following:

ELA--Outlining, writing the rough draft of our lighthouse paper--including how to write a hook, introduction and conclusion. 

Math--Fractions--Adding and subtracting mixed numbers and improper fractions. 

Social Studies--North Carolina Early Statehood

We have an early release day on Thursday, March 23rd. Students dismiss at 12:30!! 

We will also be celebrating March Madness with Basketball Day where we learn more about the sport of basketball and all of our activities will revolve around basketball!! :) 

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March 13th-17th  

Happy St. Patrick's Day Week!!! 

This week we will be learning about the following in class:

ELA--Research and writing informational paper about lighthouses

Math--Fractions--Mixed numbers and improper fractions

Social Studies--North Carolina Statehood

We will also be incorporating some fun St. Patrick's Day activities into our days. 


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Feb. 20-24, 2017   

This week in class we will be learning about the following:

ELA--Holes (skills associated with the novel are theme, characterization, summaries, conflict and comprehension) They are loving this novel!! Please ask them about it!! 

Math--Fractions--equivalent fractions

Science-Three types of rocks and the rock cycle

Social Studies will begin again the beginning of March. 


Students have school on Feb. 20th--President's Day

Interims go home on Feb. 28th. 

AVID night is at 6pm on Feb. 27th for those interested in learning more about AVID. 

Our class is going to be creating a book and getting it published by Student Treasures Publishing. More information about this will come home soon. :) 

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Feb. 13-17th...   

This week is a very busy week in school. First of all we are learning about the following in class:

ELA--Continuing to read Holes--discussing theme; symbolism, and characterization 

Math--Equivalent Fractions 

Science--Rocks and Minerals--three types of rocks 

Also this week we have several fun activities:

Feb. 13th--Library project will begin about NC landmarks

Feb. 14th--Valentine's Day container contest and cards--Field trip to symphony

Feb. 16th--Early Release Day--students dismiss at 12:30--PBIS celebration for for February

Feb. 17th--Teacher Work Day--no school for students. 

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This week is the 100th day of school...  

This week in class we will be learning about the following:

ELA--Holes by Louis Sachar--Chapters 7-18

Math--Fractions--Equivalent  fractions and decomposing fractions

Science--Minerals and Rocks 

Friday is a busy day. Field trip slips and money are due for our trip to  the symphony on Feb. 14th. Friday is also the 100th day of school--we are doing a 100th day STEAM challenge!!! If you have any supplies that are on the list that was sent home with report cards--please send them in by Friday. A Big Thank You to Ms. Butler and Mrs. Arnold for donating a huge amount of supplies including lots of cardboard. Thank you so much!! Trading cards will be checked on Friday--students should have at least three done at this time!! They are all due on March 30th. 

Have a great week!! 

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