Spelling Homework  

Spelling Homework


Students will begin spelling homework this week.  The following are the assignments and they are due the next day.  For example Mondays will be checked on Tuesday.  Students will bring their word study notebooks home each night to complete the assignments.


Monday: Three Times Each

Tuesday: Word Build

Wednesday: Sentences

Thursday: Pretest with missed words being written three times each.


Please remember to pay your school fees if you have not done so yet.  They are $6.00.

Third Grade Standards  

If you would like a peek at the third grade standards for Math and Language Arts go to the following sites:


Math - 

Language Arts -



Please be working on the multiplication facts with your child.  Even without flashcards they can be practiced.  Sit down and play a game of  War but instead of high card wins have your child solve the multiplication problem. If they're correct the cards are theirs otherwise you keep them.


Modified version:  Have your child focus on the fact family they are currently working on.  Give him the card and then play through the rest.  If  your child correctly answers the multiplication problem the cards are theirs if they don't you keep them.


The object of both games is for your child to end up with all the cards.


All you need are aces through queens and you can turn learning their facts into a fun game.



RTA Information  

For any one looking to learn more about the RTA Passages that your child takes please refer to the following link.