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What`s Going On?

Curriculum and Project Information  

  Please visit the HELPFUL WEBSITE LINKS for resources and practice in all subjects!

  1:1 Laptops 

 MATH- Division of whole numbers, decimals, and recognizing patterns. Understand fractions as division. Numerator divided by denominator!

 Reading/Writing Focus: Nonfiction- reading to learn! Science and Social Studies content, learning to find main ideas and details that support them.  Be a detective to get to the information you are looking for. Lots of research involving the Internet- but using the Internet in a safe, productive way.

 SCIENCE- World biomes, ecosytems, food webs and chains, interdependence of biotic and abiotic factors

SOCIAL STUDIES- English colonies and settlements, on then to issues leading up tho the American Revolution

WORD Study-  Weekly Spelling/Vocabulary Contract : includes grammar practice and vocabulary that is related to our studies. Students usually receive the contract for the next week on Fridays. It will be due the next Friday. Although some time will be available during class, this contract is considered homework, and must be completed each week. It works, I promise!