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Science Fair Additional Resources  

Additional Resources

*         Use Online Guides

*         Intel ISEF Science Project Planner


*         Science Buddies (Project Ideas, Project Guide, "Ask an Expert”, and Resources)


Oct 8th  

Attention Parents, 

The 2014-2015 Science Fair is around the corner! To better equip students and parents, the Science Department has created a checklist of Science Fair forms. Fourth and fifth grade students will have an instructional class explaining these forms during science lab. If you or your student have any questions, please contact your student’s homeroom teacher or Ms. Lupa.   Virtual copies of these forms are found on




Checklist for   Adult Sponsor

Provided so that the adult sponsor can review what   information (and therefore which forms) must be provided.

o    Check only the   boxes pertaining to YOUR project

o    For #6 be   sure to read through this section, check any appropriate boxes, if   applicable, AND fill out and attach any additional forms required.

o    Adult   sponsor signature and date required BEFORE experimentation


Student   Checklist

Information form to include contact information (email   addresses will be used to contact you about the status of your project), name   of project, adult sponsor name and address where research took place.

o    Please fill out   ALL information

o    #6 Dates of   actual experimental procedure - 12-month project that occurred within   the last 18 months before fair date is allowed.

o    #7 Explain where   the experimental research will be conducted. Universities, research   facilities, and industrial settings require Form 1C.  (Note:   Pathogens may NOT be cultured at home)

o    #9 Attach a   research plan


Approval Form

Signature form to sign acknowledging that all rules have   been read and plan to be followed. Additionally these statements attest that   each of these people (or committees) approves or consents to this project.

o    Student and   parent (this is NOT to be signed by teacher or designated supervisor) must   sign BEFORE the start of experiment.

o    #2 deals with   Scientific Review Committee (SRC) signatures.

o    2a is SRC   approval BEFORE experimentation and is required for projects involving human   participates, vertebrate animals and potentially hazardous biological agents (see forms   below).

o    2b refers to   research involving the previous mentioned topics but was conducted at a   regulated research institute where the institute’s board reviewed the project   BEFORE experimentation.   In this case the SRC does not need to review prior to experimentation but a   signature is needed for competition.

o    #3 is SRC   signatures before competition at the regional and state levels. ALL   projects require this signature