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Academic Derby

Academic Derby
Academic Derby



You can now watch the matches live at Southwest High School!  We have a new studio that allows more spectators.  It is on a first come basis as there still is limited seating room but come on down!  Arrive 15 minutes early if you wish to attend because once the door is shut no one can enter.


Hello Academic Derby Team Members and Families,

I am so excited for our upcoming matching starting January 2016!  I wanted to make sure I included the link on our homepage of where you may go to watch live matches

What's going on at practice????

  • We have been exploring our fifty states but learning the location, capital and nickname of each of our great fifty states.  Derby Members were asked to obtain a folder to keep all academic derby papers in and have been earning "derby points" for showing responsibility with keeping up with these items.
  • We have learned about a few of the symbols of elements on the periodic table of elements! Au, Ag, Mg, Fe.... Oh my!
  • We also have taken a look at a few sets of popular book series and their authors.


Where to Next?

     The team will begin exploring country capitals. We will also look at trivia

     about our presidents and history! Keep it up Mustangs....


Let's go Mustangs!

Coach:  Leisha Centeno